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Can’t Pay Your Taxes by the April Due Date?

The vast majority of Americans get a tax refund from the IRS each spring, but what if you are one of those who end up owing? The IRS encourages you to pay the full amount of your tax liability on … Continue reading

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IRS Offers New Penalty Relief Options

The IRS announced several new penalty relief options for taxpayers that should offer much needed relief for those finding themselves unable to pay their taxes. There are several new provisions: Penalty Relief To assist those most in need, a six-month … Continue reading

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Schedule Cs in the IRS’ Bull’s-eye

Schedule C is the form that unincorporated sole proprietor businesses use to report their income and expenses as part of their individual tax returns. Schedule Cs have been center stage in recent IRS “tax gap” estimates. The tax gap is … Continue reading

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What Happens in an IRS Audit?

Have you received an IRS notice that your tax returns are being audited? What should you expect? An IRS audit can be a nerve-wracking experience. The IRS audit process is fairly simple when you boil it down to what the IRS … Continue reading

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